1992. Met A Best Friend.

Mary Mullen - November 2
We predate facebook for sure. What a tag team we were. Good, clean fun and we met thousands of people. She and I met in the early '90's in the ladies room line of the Wine Bar.

Me: I like it here because they have Earth Wind and Fire in the jukebox. But, I like Newport better.
She: I like Newport, too.
Me: But the drive rots. I drink and Newport is kind of far.
She: I don't drink and I just bought a Saab convertible. I'll drive if you want to go.
Me: Oh yeah, that's awesome. Here's my number.

Who would have thought we'd become best friends, roommates, housemates during summers in Newport, fundraising charity promoting party planners - family.

I've been giggling since she left the other night after I told her my "closure" stories... stories that I haven't even written yet. It was like old times when I'd come home from bartending and collecting business cards and she'd come home from bagging and tagging patients and we'd exchange stories and plan shenanigans until the sun came up.

Boy did we have a good time!!

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