2001. Share Your Heart.

More dropbox memories. I was 40 years old. "Share Your Heart Ball". A collaborative event held at the Westin to benefit the Volunteer Center of RI and Friends Way - created and organized by me.

I was by far in the best physical shape of my life and spending 9 hours a week at Bally's doing 5 step classes and four powerflex classes (free weights) per week. I was at the top of my game professionally, too. Self employed for 7 years and getting accolades, scholarships and awards left and right.

My brother John died at that time and cast us all into a tailspin of despair. I left Providence and followed my other down to spend a couple years working with him at the Lighthouse Inn (a joint venture project).

These kind of memories will go into the "career" and "relationship gone toxic" parts of my book.