2007. Swing Into Spring…

Mary Mullen - March 11, 2017 near Providence

During my purchase phase, I addedwww.SwingIntoSpring.club which was a website and project I worked on in April 2007 - one of the first few websites that I built and I had it saved I published it as is and it even still looks better than some of the outdated sites I come across every day. (I'll build a new one when time allows)

THIS was an incredibly FUN event.. and I'll tell you why. I wanted to get to know the people that I would eventually be partying with (I was living in Prov at the time)... so rather than just plan a fun event - I also booked 3 weeks of swing dance lessons for anyone who wanted to get a jump start and learn a couple moves. Well - we had a whole lot of takers and for weeks before the event, we hooked-up and had "pee your pants" kind of fun together.

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