2017. Pay For Your Own Stuff Now

Mid ’30’s… got a challenge. Can you make a spreadsheet with 10 year projections including compounded interest, depreciation of assets, blah, da, blah. Challenge accepted and completed. He was able to dissolve a 50-50 partnership, lose a retained lawyer and stop paying for the bricks and mortar office at that moment. Then the fool that I am worked for him for 20 years without pay. I really just wanted safety, security, appreciation and companionship… didn’t get it.

I just sent my first request for payment…. $45 dollars for a business domain and a business email that I’ve been paying for since 2005…
Not payment for the multiple websites mind you… just $45 to save years and years of proprietary emails that I got whacked extra money for in November because they’re very important.

He’s going to be mad about that request… I promise you.

TheTruthIsStrangerThanFiction Chapter One.