2017. Remembering Y2K

I don't like when I realize my age with those "ah ha" moments.... today it happened twice. In class, the crash of 2000 (tech) was mentioned and I remember co-chairing the association of fundraising professional conference and named it "millions for the millennium" and that was also my year in Leadership RI '00 and our class project was about "the crash ending the world as we know it".
Y2K was a big deal when we thought the whole world would break. A classmate said, I think I was born then and remember that.

Next "ah ha" is when I read that Hugh Hefner died and I reached out to the only friend I know that mingled with him and realized that my friend was born in '83... three years after I graduated high school.
Shit I'm old. I'm glad I'm smart enough to hang with these young ones...