2018. Me And My Philanthropic Interests

If you've ever wondered why I have very strong opinions about philanthropy and why I choose to support grassroots and growing organizations, this may be a good example.
In my early days of fundraising and supporting community efforts, I had the opportunity to meet people who were passionate about making a difference. People from all walks of life. And where there is true passion, good things happen.

For instance, in the mid '90's, I was introduced to my friend Jean. Jean founded House of Hope CDC... and she had an undeniable passion for the small nonprofit organization that she later grew into a very successful community development corporation that expanded in leaps and bounds. I can't imagine how many people found safety, shelter and food because of her work.

Had I not met her and so many people like her, I might not have gotten so involved in philanthropic efforts. But I was mentored and educated by people with that kind of passion. And look at the legacy she can still claim because she poured the foundation and dedicated her career to make it grow.
#ProudOfMyFriends http://www.wpri.com/news/local-news/mobile-unit-will-provide-showers-haircuts-for-homeless/1127335124

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