2018. Too Rich For My Blood

I’ve always been the one to raise the money vs donate it. My skills are more valuable than any cash I could give. When Herb Kaplan sponsored me to do fundraising events for the organizations he supported, he asked, “so, if I pay you $1,500, you will turn it into a $5,000 donation?”

When I replied “yes” with conviction and no hesitation, he wrote me a check and our partnership was sealed.

2018: I always preferred to bartend, make money and meet the whole club rather than to go out to the club and spend money.

I also always preferred to organize the fundraising event, make some money, meet a ton of people, work the event and raise much more than I could if I just donated.

These kinds of events are way out of my budget. I can raise much more money just by building a website for a nonprofit event than by donating $250 for a ticket.

And I’ve learned through a lot of experience that $250 ticket events alienate most of my friends… I prefer the “friend-raising” aspect of it all.