2020. Job Searching

I took a typing test today and I knew that if the paragraph were verbally dictated to me as contract law has been in the past, it would be typed faster, with less errors and with a keen attention to details that might not hold up in court.

I could listen to someone on a phone discussing a good business idea and have a domain name purchased, a bare bones website published and a couple employment contracts revised by the time the phone call ended.

I know how to type. And I cook, too. #frustrated

I took a data entry test today. First thing I noticed is that I had to fill out 20 pages of duplicate info by hand, on paper. Next I noticed that the test allows for null fields. Bad, bad form design. missing info allowed, text in numerical fields. Build a better form and they will come.

When asked about data entry, I said I was OK with doing it but I prefer to harvest large data sets from the internet, clean it in excel and make a nice visual in tableau to help prove a significant point like what it will take to win an election.

I’ve been harvesting and querying data in access since 1995. #frustrated

Wait till I tell you about the word test, the html website and the google translate I encountered while on my visit..

Today I took a Microsoft word test. The instructions asked me to insert a 3” x 2”, four color logo into a document that had a two inch top margin. Frankly, I was appalled at the graphic faux pas and the waste of space. Nobody would do that! THEN it asked me to insert a (R) trademark symbol on the outside of the color logo that stood out like a sore thumb and off set the centered logo.

Next it asked me to indent the first line of the paragraph by 1/2 an inch… which I don’t do. I wonder if the test makes one or two spaces after each period?

All I know is when I need to be cost effective to earn/raise money for a business or nonprofit, I am very conscious about my spacing, how much paper and color ink I use and even the size and weight of my font.

I don’t know how they score these tests and frankly I don’t care. Some top level peeps don’t know what their right hand people do innately to save money (and the planet!) while providing their constituents / clientele/ customers with an easy, pleasurable way to get involved and hand over their hard earned cash.

In the amount of time it took me to take these tests and speak about my experience, I could have put all their forms online and if I had my software, they could have had a 2020 website to replace the html dinosaur from the ‘90’s.

Did I say I got #frustrated today?
Watching Melissa McCarthy movie now… I’ll be okay. I don’t think the people I met with today will learn from me or broker my skills correctly. Sad.

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