2020. Organic SEO

Organic SEO is more of a game to me than an income producing skill and that’s only because I haven’t found the kind of clients who understand the value of it. To define for those who may not work in a related field, organic search engine optimization is the “free way” to get traffic to a website vs paying for clicks, sponsored ads and the like.

It’s a valuable skill knowing how to use unpaid methods to lure people to a business, nonprofit or political website that is published 24/7. The place that has the newest news and updates, and, if wise, some mechanism to capture the “time, treasure and/or talent” of your friends (visitors).

Monitoring and monetizing that traffic is the ultimate goal. I have a good track record of doing just that WHEN I am allowed free reign to “play” behind the scenes and speak on behalf of my client.

I didn’t have access to the website stats when I worked on the Raimondo for Treasurer campaign, but, based in the efforts I expended and the increase in social media insights, I bet her website got more traffic than most because it was politics and very timely.

Bonnet Shores Beach Club had more traffic than any website I have maintained. I bet the Lighthouse Inn did as well but I didn’t have stats way back when. LJ’s BBQ was a massively successful website as was the Cranston West Alumni Association while I was maintaining it.

Lately, I’ve been working on my own writing and doing organic SEO for myself. It intrigues me and considering this site is just one year old and already has half the amount of traffic that a popular 5 year old site has tells me that I’m doing a pretty good job and being entertained in the process.

What can I say… I’m a geek with a geeky sense of humor…