May 31

2010: I had not one plan for the last 4-5 days, yet, each day was filled with more productivity, family, friends, food - and - at times, the side splitting, pee your pants kind of laughing.  New England summers can't be beat!!

2015: If Jane Mullen was with me tonight and could've chimed into a conversation, she probably would have used her worldly means to soften his heart and make the naysayer turn into a gentleman and have a new lease on life just because of her minute impact on his soul.

With me?  I'm more like, "oh when the hell are you going to leave you uneducated, stalking, negative SOB".  And we ARE cut from the same cloth.  I guess I haven't inherited her grace yet.  I'll wait on that.

2016: Imagine my surprise when this ID card came flying out of the dryer that I've been using for the past 15 months.  I've never seen it before and have no idea where it came from.  Sovereign has been Santander for years now so this is an oldie.  I'll take it as a "hi!!"

2016: Feeling Charitable Today? Into A Feel Good Random Act of Kindness Maybe? This might be a good one...

While clicking around facebook last year at this time I stumbled onto a page called “Summer Book Challenge”. The challenge was created by some good folks down in SC who wanted to encourage children to read books and submit book reports for cash prizes during their summer off from school.

It didn’t take but a few minutes to realize that although the challenge was created in 2014, it wasn’t until 2015 that the whole idea went viral and received thousands and thousands of interested parents and students. The sheer amount of FB messages that they received would have taken months to read. I couldn’t even IMAGINE the administrative nightmare that must have been going on behind the scenes with registrations, snail mail reports, reading reports, sending checks, etc. I didn’t have to follow the progress of this effort long before I knew that “what I do for work” and “what I love to do most” would come in very handy for these folks.

So you guessed it... I donated and built a website for them (websites for a cause)... in honor of my sister - A Random Act of Kindness in honor of. I automated all those pesky admin functions related to registrations, report submissions, FAQ’s, donations, etc. The challenge is going to be so smooth for them this year... I’m proud of that.

Unfortunately this year, the amount of participants included in the challenge is scaled down due to the fact that the program is all self-funded. At this time, they are allowing 100 participants that will be awarded up to $25 for the books they read and report on. If they had sponsors (GOOD sponsor opportunity here) or had individual donations of any size - they could increase the amount of participants in the www.SummerBookChallenge.com.

I’d like to see that happen. I have a soft spot for these folks. Folks that I’ve never even met!! So, if you’re feeling charitable or looking for a good Random Act of Kindness idea - consider sending in a donation of any size. It doesn’t take much... $25 sponsors a kid.



2018: I call myself "girl" at times because I still feel young.  But, I was asked recently, would you prefer to be called a girl or a woman.  I thought it was a humor prompting question at first but it wasn't.  So my reply was - woman is more respectful because of wisdom learned.

That being said, if I ever saw or heard this dude make this remark - I would be all over him.  And not with a smile or anything kind to say.

2018: The cooking Mary has resurfaced.  And after peeling and deveining so many shrimp, the chef in me came out when I couldn't throw those shells away without out least trying to make a bisque. Shrimp buffet will be reschedule until tomorrow.

Got some old fashioned comfort food in the oven instead.  Meatloaf with caramelized mushroom and onion gravy, real mashed and green beans. (To my meal counter friend - for my experiment - that will be a four meal deal for me.  Under $10)

I never made a shrimp bisque before but I have some interesting ingredients to work with.

2018: I had a big stock up freezer menu planned when I did big stock up shopping this week.  It was all Italian or stir fry related.  That big seafood score the next day changed everything.  I adapted.  You can take the girl out of the restaurant business but the girl never loses the skills. Meatloaf is freezer food now.  This shrimp stock is like liquid gold.  I do have freezer worries though...

2018: This was not smoked sausage, it's smoked salmon.  Thinly cut and it smells to die for.  I don't eat salmon though.  Tell me what to do so it's not wasted... I cannot bring it to you.  Pick up, or give me instruction on how to cook and freeze.  If condo peeps want some - PLZ PM me.

2019: One day (and many times since), out of nowhere, she broke out into this jive talk.

Me: where the heck did you learn to talk like that?!

She: my Dad had a liquor store in a black neighborhood.

Most people would disregard the comment and chalk it up to nonsense... but, not me.  I digitized the memories she felt worth saving.  I knew she was speaking truth.

It takes a good deal of time and effort to digitize memories but it's worth it.

North Main Street, Feb 5, 1960

May 30

2013:  the lucky spree continues - Groupon sent me $10 off of $20 purchase - so, I bought $40 restaurant certificate - then found out I had a $10 Groupon bucks on file - so, $40 certificate for free!! (Yes, I did buy a Powerball ticket based on my luck for the past week)

2014: I hate when people underestimate my tenacity. I might have long curls and painted nails but I have a female mind and I was raised by a bunch of real men.

2016: got a fraudulent paypal email this morning that I had to remedy, I went out to find my THIRD flat tire since May 14th and I came back in to find a small black caterpillar on my black laptop keyboard. All in all I think it's time for a cocktail and something fried to eat.

2016: LOL.. speaking with a friend about how grateful we are that lobsters don't have vocal chords... you can tell by the way the antennas shoot upwards when the head hits that boiling water that they know that they are in a dire circumstance. Lobster cooking can be compared to serial killing if you think about it.... (say's someone who doesn't usually kill their own food)

2016: OK. My topic of conversation tonight must be in defense of all I know about lobster. You can't run F&B of a south county hotel without learning a lot about lobster... particularly how to cook, clean, serve... which ended up being my job for my sister, Jerry's daughter, nieces and many others for years to come.

Now this beauty I used for marketing shots... it was 13 pounds. We cooked, took out the meat and cleverly reconstructed for the photo shoot. Kind of hard to tell just how big he is - but, how often does a lobster take up this much space on your table??

2016: then the AH-HA moments come when you blurt out, "it SUCKS to not have people" and your ride says, "even if I lived next to you, I couldn't change your tire". My reply was that I meant it in general... I just don't have them any more... no JANE, no JOE, no Michael.

Now mind you - here would be their responses to three flats in two weeks.

  • Jane - let's get a wine and figure it out tomorrow. Love my Janie <3
  • Joe - that sucks Mary - want me to come and take care of it? (I'd say no)
  • Michael - put it in perspective Mary... it's a car. Tomorrow is another day - realist - "what's the worst that can happen kind of guy"

See... they don't take care of things for me... they just set my soul at ease.  Missing that. My third flat will be fixed tomorrow... I'll be thinking of them then as I am now.

2017: On Saturday, June 17th - 9am-2pm - I'm going to dance... would you like to come?

  1. I am going to pay more than I ever would to dance that day... because what I'm paying is being donated to a local, beautiful, smart, single mother so she can pay for her last teaching certification and get on with raising her children and teaching our youth, rather than struggle with two jobs and little .quality time.
  2. I didn't pick this recipient - but the teacher who has brought much joy into my life wants to see this happen... and I owe her a debt of gratitude for bringing some joy into my life for the last few months.
  3. I bet if my friends and I support this effort - she might choose to dance for a cause of my choice in the future.
  4. the scholarship is only $1500.

I'd love help. Participation to dance if you like. Participation to see a soaking wet fire engine with no rhythm dance. Straight out donations of any denominations. Some in kind food. Some raffle prizes or something to auction. Whatever you can do.  I'll post something online to make donations easier.. And as always - thank you for your support of me.. and "for a cause"

2018:  I’ve got seafood.

2019: I'll leave her soon because a couple people want me to. But, I will be mighty pissed if I don't see the kind of joy pictures I took while I was here and making it a home. She is a Diva... remember that.

2019: There's a whole lot of cultivation licenses being distributed these days in RI. I remember a few years back when the thought was that there would only be a half dozen or so and they were pretty much "promissory noted out". Now we're up to 76.

Since it's a hindrance on ROI to be limited by how much you can produce, I wonder how many of these companies are incestuous in nature.

2019: Having a difficult week makes me very introspective. I guess that is kind of good and shows some growth from when I was a younger, quick witted Irish girl. It shows that I can most often hold my tongue for that long 48 hours and think things out. I don't always have that control, but, more often than not.

And when I get introspective, I think about my family and friends standing right in front of me when I ask... "please tell me I'll be OK and have my back through this storm". I usually get the answers that give me my next breath.

Today I was thinking of a long time friend that I admire greatly. I have a lot of those, even if we don't see each other often. They pop up when I need them. And this one time, this friend sent me a message that was so endearing and complimentary that it took the wind out of me. See, I wasn't feeling good through that storm and doubt in yourself can create incredible fear.

Anyway - the friend sent me a message. The compliments were so endearing it made me cry. And I wrote back and said, "sadly, not everyone feels the same way. I have a way of pissing some people off".

Her reply is one I will cherish forever. "If you're not pissing some people off, you're probably not doing the job you are on Earth to do"... How's that for having good friends... <3

May 29

2019- My Stuff.

Go ahead, keep upsetting me.

I went ahead and reached out (emailed) to Minma Enterprises to see if this lawyer (Mark Liberati) represents him or if this lawyers letter on piss poor stationary is just another coercion from the ex. I mean, when I worked with my ex, I had to email his friend John (the private lender) all the time, so, I'm kind of comfortable with that. The lawyer has a bogus email address... But, I copied him in on the message, too.

I'm interested to see the inventory list of what he/she/they considered to be mine.

This was my Happy Saturday, First Day of June surprise. Do you know how good it is of me to cook, sing and take care of an older lady rather than choose to lay into this sick bunch?

Mark E. Liberati, Attorney at Law
57 Narragansett Avenue
Jamestown, RI

Mary Mullen
Current Address
Via regular and certified mail

Dear Ms. Mullen,

As you know, this office represents Minma Enterprises, L.L.C. You have received several letters from this office over the last several months concerning foreclosure of a mortgage on property owned by you and Jerry Zito and located at 145 Hillcrest Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island.

The mortgage was foreclosed, and Minma has taken your abandoned personal property and placed it in storage. Although you have made no effort over the last several months to claim this personal property, Minma is giving you a final opportunity to claim ownership and possession. You may retrieve these items if you do so my June 30. 2019. The personal property is located at Prime Storage, 54 Narragansett Avenue, Providence RI 02907. The unit number is F19. The access code to the facility is <….>. The telephone number of the facility is 401-461-7777.

If you do not claim ownership and possession of these items by that date, they will be considered to have been abandoned by you and will be disposed of.

The key to the storage until will be sent federal express to you at the above address.

May 29

2013: very, very productive today... I love the sense if satisfaction I get from doing good work!

2013: I kind of / sort of won a 55 inch HD TV. Thought it was too big at first - then I started watching it. - (recall from 2019:

I remember this day like it was yesterday. My family used to say I had a lucky streak like when I won that 10 speed bike when I was young. #OnThisDay in 2013, I didn’t actually win the 55 inch outright, I “won” the opportunity to purchase it for a steeply reduced price. The big, flat screens were expensive back then. I remember calling a client that owed me money and telling him that if he promised to pay me that weekend, I could be going home from the flea market with a 55 inch TV for $150. He said yes, I payed the piper and the TV was loaded into my car.

That TV is just one more item that I lost due to that toxic couple. I wonder if they still use it. Maybe someday I will find out.

I wonder if he ever took any of my stuff and wrapped it up with a pretty bow and gifted it to the new woman. I had some nice stuff. Heck, she’d never know if it was mine...
#MemoriesOnThisDay #CommunicatingForACause"

2013: Lightening and thunder storm in tree house is better than any TV can provide. Thanks Mom for making me love it rather than fear it!

2014: I feel the need to put this week to rest...

2017: I had this brother Michael. He was just three years older than me and a guardian for sure. In the olden days at the first apartment that I had on my own, I remember freaking out and being in tears because I couldn't identify a sickening smell in my fridge. I was flipping out over it and he ran over to help.

Once he pulled the fridge out (I couldn't manage that) and removed all the drawers - we found a DD creamer spilled out and covered in mold. He cleaned it and I calmed down. We probably ate fat food and watched a blue screen after that.

Years later, he all of a sudden became a psychotherapist. Yup... my cohort... when I went to him freaking out in my own way - he would stop and say: "what's the worst that can happen".

Of course, I'm a chick and I'd name a dozen... and he'd go through them all with me. One by one. We could both handle that, he'd say.

I do the same kind of exercises with different people now. But, the foundation Michael set for me is a priceless gift.

2018:  180 degree change of disposition with a long term (very small) client. I did a surprise visit to remedy a payment situation and the man couldn't even make eye contact with me. He spewed a whole bunch of misinformation and I had documented proof to counteract his theories. I got his adviser on the phone and client wouldn't even listen to him. It's the first meeting I ever invited a friend to join (because it was impromptu) and I'm glad she witnessed it all. It was pretty surreal.

That debacle was Jerry's evil. He did the same with Bonnet Shores Beach Club last year. He's got a lot of power to have that kind of control over people. Must've been a big blow to lose control over me. Boy is he making me pay for that. I can't believe I've stayed somewhat composed and on simmer for so long. The attacks have been relentless and brutal.

On a better note, I drove by to see my blooming rhododendron and soon to bloom dogwood tree. It took him 10 years to learn to keep the curtains closed. Our house is still standing and looks like it's buttoned up. I'm sure it won't stay that way long. It's gardening season.

#DealingWithEvil Bonnet Shores Beach Club

2020: My niece visited me tonight and noticed that the stove was missing.  I told her that Hazel's son took it on February 15th and it was in the wheelchair lift off the deck.  She smiled and mentioned just how much can be done on a hot plate - something she and I both know as fact.

However, in my current circumstance, I've been managing with a 12 inch electric skillet.  The dude in the picture above has nothing on me 🙂

May 28

2010: haven't done PC work in a couple days.. but, very productive in my garden (farm?).. sorry clients.. but, the weather dictated… and when Jerry came home to see how installed the irrigation system in his absence… he told me maybe I should give us web design!! (won't happen, but, was VERY nice compliment!!)

2016: Mad Men - just got the ad contract for "leggs" pantyhose - remember?  The ones in the egg.  They say they were worse quality than other products but they were being sold in drug stores AND supermarkets.... for a little over a dollar.

Damn... I remember buying them three at a time for well over $5 each!!  Didn't take but one pull on to run a new pair.  Janie and I invented spanks with the left over’s well before Oprah ever mentioned the concept.  We were trend setters way back when 🙂

2017: Memorial weekend project:  "Let There Be Music".

I've changed phones so many times in the past that I haven't updated iTunes and have been suffering listening to the same 20 albums for two years.

I'm taking this glorious weekend to remedy that by adding well over 20gigs of music that I own from these flash drives.

I think it's about 5K songs... all hand selected and purchased by moi.  There's going to be some good tunes in my future...

2017: pulled 3 pairs of jeans from dryer - still buttoned and zipped from when I took them off. It's a size lost. Time to "shop in my closet"

2018: I've been able to tame my Irish Fire since Friday.  Went with the 48 hour rule and all.  I don't see me holding back too much longer when it comes to Jerry though.  The damage and grief is just too much to hold in much longer.  The right people are not speaking sense to him.

Give me a little credit for holding back on most and laying a foundation for outreach. I've always been a better person than him. And I have a bigger heart and louder voice.

At the end of the day, I am a #Mullen

2019: I went downstairs and hear her griping… put her music on.  A beef in phone Spanish happened... Hazel enjoys the oldies... get a grip on that.  Jeez...

2019: WPD came into my room… I’m not OK with that...

2019: I want mine, I miss mine and I need mine.  I know they're with me in spirit, but they're not here.  And sometimes I just need them here.  Any one of them.  I've been holed up in my room all day with all I have left.  My dude Gund.  Thank God for Gund. #crying

May 27

2010: has now seen the (large) woodchuck that ate my garden last year (and has eaten every strawberry and a few flowers in 2010)... I'm certainly not into animal cruelty - so, I will be as kind as possible in my attempts to kick his ass out of my yard..

2010: learn something new every day.. today I learned that woodchucks don't really like having hot, red pepper flakes on their paws/claws.. go figure!! <evil grin>.. and they sell the big jars really cheap at price right..

2015: One of me and Jane Mullen's friends from chemo is starting up treatments again tomorrow.  Let's rally us some prayers and good thoughts to send to her and her beautiful family while I see if we can help her out in other ways.  TY 🙂

2017: I have to fold laundry soon and that sucks.  However, my weekend meetings rescheduled, my kitchen counters are clean, my laundry is done, I had a very productive week... AND,  I scored my 4.5 day weekend 🙂  No complaints tonight!

2017: <3 this... big cats always win my <3

2018: Sometimes, usually at just the right time, I get subtle messages that can take my breath away. This video came as a message letting me know that the way I chose to deal with a bad Friday and a painful Saturday was the right way to go for me.

I acted on a prompt and turned my weekend into something good.

2019: I bet it’s good.  Roasted beets, corn, onions and peppers, herbs, EVOO, lime and a splash of balsamic.

The over-cooked rotisserie chicken needed some help so I made into salad and added lime mayo...

2019: No better time to write about the beach than Memorial Weekend.  Do I hate Bonnet Shores Beach Club?- absolutely not.  Did I enjoy my couple decades of tenure there?  Absolutely!  Did I have them over a technological battle last year? Yes.

Could I have done harm?  Yes.  I could have ordered 2,000 lobsters and delivered to the dunes club if I wanted to - and that is just one example of what I could have done.  I didn't.

I rode the wave (so to speak) until I got their ear and I settled all dispute in a way that was OK between the board and myself.  Business as usual.

May 26

2016: Something made me feel real old and out of touch today. I was looking at a calendar of "things to do" at the beach club. Last memories I have there are of late nights dancing and lobster boils on the beach with family and friends. Now they have needlepoint. Yes, you heard me right - "needlepoint clinic" to be exact. Makes me think "Senior Center Seaside". SMH

2017: I wish that HTML/CSS class could watch me code for 10 hours straight..

2018: Hurting tonight. Losing 4 of my closest in one quick scoop leaves me with an overwhelming existence at times. No more future plans with my own. No pictures to share. Holidays will never be the same. I try to stay strong. Jerry should be shamed to add insult to my injuries. The wrong people died.

2019: The woman who works Sunday nights is a trip. She and I are the same age and she has an infectious laugh and she uses it often. Although we don't speak the same language, we find a way to communicate even if it's just eye contact and facial language.

We've had to work as a team a few times when some small disasters happened like when the house filled with smoke from a dirty oven and the fire alarm and door chimes were blaring at the same time. For a split second, we looked at each other in panic but then we both sprung to action. Hazel didn't bat an eyelash while the two of us were going crazy to air out the house and stop the racket. And when all was quiet, we both cracked up laughing.

I think she really appreciated me being here on one of those nights when Hazel was dead weight, sick as a dog and didn't have any control over her body functions. The mess we had to clean up while keeping that woman safe was beyond what I could imagine and it took the physical strength of us both to get the job done. It was not easy, it was not pretty and I'm really surprised we didn't vomit. When we got that job done, I scooped up bags full of dirty linens and she watched wide eyed as I threw them out with the trash. I bet she understood me when I said F*** IT!

Then she thanked me... and we laughed and laughed. You don't need to speak the same language to be a good team when you have an altruistic, common goal.

2019:  Have you ever watched that Food Network show where you are required to make a dish using a "secret ingredient"? I'd be good on that show.

They offer a whole variety of other ingredients to add to your dishes and all you have to do is get creative. My culinary talents have been challenged lately and I've been doing some boring (but healthy) cooking. However, I've also become creative in preparing meals from food that was ordered and delivered by others.

That challenging past time came to a screeching halt today (my cooking day) when the only ingredients I saw were Beet Noodles and corn on the cob.

May 25


2013:  Jane Mullen to Mary - Weather does not matter when u have days where all u do is crack up laughing out loud!!!!!!

2015: Dear Staff & Patients at Women & Infants Oncology - I told you once that you were not rid of me (or my sister Jane Mullen for that matter). Volunteering behind the scenes to do good on your behalf (AKA Random Acts of Kindness, Pay it Forward) will be more fulfilling for me than any grief counseling could provide.

People are doing random acts of kindness in Janie's honor all over the globe these days... and our next project will directly benefit the families that are fighting the fight at the infusion center.  I think Jane would be very proud of this #feedafamilychallenge. See you all soon 🙂 XO <3

2017: I tried to secure myself a 4.5 day long weekend... I want to veg!  But, by the time I got home from meetings and checked my phone and email, I think I'm down to maybe 2 days.. and no clean clothes to wear and a dirty house.

2018: I know his lawyer didn't mean to insult both my character and my intelligence, but he did. And he offhandedly compared my 20 year relationship to Trump and Melania. That sentiment alone turned that call into a bad date. TGIF


2018: As I tend to do on stressful days, I delved into a nonprofit project. They don't know that I exist, know nothing about my past experience with nonprofits or fundraising or anything about my skill set. Why did I do it? Because I'm going to blow their minds and make them happy with something they probably can't afford. And that makes me happy.

2019: Today's challenge comes from a 7 year old.

  • She: Can we cook?
  • Me: Honey, I don't think we have any ingredients to cook with.
  • She: Well, I just checked things out. We have sugar, eggs and crumbs. Oh, and milk. (ingenuity - ingenio)
  • Me: Can't make too much with just sugar and eggs. What kind of crumbs?
  • She: Those ones we used when you taught me to cook the first thing- that pie...
  • Me: (light bulb goes off - chocolate cream pie with graham cracker crust).... OK... step one - wash your hands, pour this in a bowl and preheat the oven to 350 degrees....


2019: I wrote and wrote and wrote today. And I cried a couple times, too. BUT - when is the last time I told all my friends how much I love you!!

I'm a lucky girl... thanks for checking in... YOUR names will not have to be changed in my book...

2020: Every day I visit my #MemoriesOnThisDay and I save many of them to #CommunicatingForACause.  All that I've been documenting in the past 6 years amazes me because just about every day, "on this day", something significant happened that either crushed me, ruffled my feathers, and/or made me extremely happy.

On this day in 2019, I had a nice day on the deck with Hazel and the girls and I even had a chocolate cream pie baking session with the little princess of the house.  However, by the time I hit the hay for the night, my good mood had changed and I didn’t know why until I scrolled down the memory page a little bit to the same day in 2018.  I quickly realized what had changed my mood from sweet to sour.  It was due to a phone call that I got from my Ex significant others lawyer who dared to compare my past relationship to that of the POTUS and his current squeeze.

That reference didn’t settle well with me on many levels and it was particularly disturbing considering that the reason for the call was to low ball offer me $1,000 to purchase my half share of the 4 bedroom house that we had been building.

May 24

She doesn't call me "Ma".  Maybe because I have a simple name, but, probably because I conditioned her to call me by name when I was really needed.

We've got some jokes about that around here where girls wanted to change her regular rant from "Help me Ma" to "Help me Mary".  I ended that.  No crying wolf while I'm around.  I know how to speak with 911 when needed.

Regardless, tonight (and last night) I heard her cries and they sounded different than all other shifts that I witness.  Tonight her rant was not "help me ma"... they were "stay away Ma", "stop hurting me Ma", "back down Ma".

I'm livid that I can't step in on these few shifts.  This third world country mid-30 something year old with 6 children is out to get me.  I need to keep to myself when she is around.

Who is suffering?  Hazel and me.