2017. All Just Tools Of The Trade.

Mary Mullen October 7, 2017 at 4:27 PM

Auditing the notes scribed during my first web development teaching class. It sounds like I was giving a crash course in fund development - which is SUCH a useful tool.
I love that they learned from my bluntness. I mentioned that "people are too lazy... to learn". Followed by "which is why you charge "maintenance fees".
This new team loves to learn.. they're like sponges... and they "get me" so I don't need to sugarcoat a thing 

2003. Lighthouse Inn.

Dedicating a couple of years to helping run a 100-room ocean side hotel with two distinct banquet areas, an indoor pool and the largest amount of Block Island Ferry parking spaces was a challenge at times.  I drove down from Providence one day in May and got so busy that I didn't make it home for a month.

I ran the day to day food and beverage operations, I did all the marketing, organized all of the events from conception to reconciliation, and managed the website and all internet related jobs.

Hiring, training, firing at times.  Policing events, policing the pool all while being a happy hostess and a doting wife to my other half.  Sometimes the 24/7-ness of it all could be a bit cumbersome.  But,  it was an experience for sure and I had all my family working with me.  Work hard, play harder.

2019. I Do Talk To Everyone.

Do you think that someone who has known me so well for a couple of decades would actually think that life could throw me so many curve balls that I would lay down and die?  Most of my friends have watched me deal with incredible hardships, survive it all and keep on keeping on with a decent attitude for the most part.

My life is full of stories waiting to be written.

2017. Remembering Y2K

I don't like when I realize my age with those "ah ha" moments.... today it happened twice. In class, the crash of 2000 (tech) was mentioned and I remember co-chairing the association of fundraising professional conference and named it "millions for the millennium" and that was also my year in Leadership RI '00 and our class project was about "the crash ending the world as we know it".
Y2K was a big deal when we thought the whole world would break. A classmate said, I think I was born then and remember that.

Next "ah ha" is when I read that Hugh Hefner died and I reached out to the only friend I know that mingled with him and realized that my friend was born in '83... three years after I graduated high school.
Shit I'm old. I'm glad I'm smart enough to hang with these young ones...

2001. Share Your Heart.

More dropbox memories. I was 40 years old. "Share Your Heart Ball". A collaborative event held at the Westin to benefit the Volunteer Center of RI and Friends Way - created and organized by me.

I was by far in the best physical shape of my life and spending 9 hours a week at Bally's doing 5 step classes and four powerflex classes (free weights) per week. I was at the top of my game professionally, too. Self employed for 7 years and getting accolades, scholarships and awards left and right.

My brother John died at that time and cast us all into a tailspin of despair. I left Providence and followed my other down to spend a couple years working with him at the Lighthouse Inn (a joint venture project).

These kind of memories will go into the "career" and "relationship gone toxic" parts of my book.

2016. Paying It Forward. A Worthy Cause.

Facebook memories again.  This one from 2016.  A random act of kindness done in my sisters memory and recognized by her co-worker, a beautiful young woman who had recently lost her cousin too young.  Fate for us to meet.

I just realized that I had a couple messages in my "other" folder. One was from one of Janie's co-workers who happens to be on a fundraising committee of a local nonprofit that I just donated a website to. I've never met these people and I know it might sound kind of odd to just build strangers websites and all, but, I have to practice what I do - so I do it for good causes and I chalk it up to "a random act of kindness" in memory of Jane Mullen.

Janie's friend messaged me and said she got chills when she heard what I had done. That made my heart so happy. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know my sister is channeling through me.