June 9

2016:  Such a long and very productive day. And look what I got... pretty toes for the first time since Janie made me get them done last. Yes... that long. I hate pedicures. I'm ticklish to a fault. Jane used to shame me into going and she'd always come with. She was probably with me every step of the day today. I'm now ready for flip flop season

2019: This was a facebook memory from a few years back.  I remember it well because I fit this mani/pedi in between meetings.  After I got this done, my next meeting was at Ruby Tuesday's where I scheduled an introduction between my ex (in life and business dealings) and one of my clients.  I made the connection because I knew that both could help each other in an up and coming industry.

I was right.  I provided the connection my other half needed - a cash cow so to speak.  I'm disgusted that he doesn't remember that and has chosen to devastate me financially rather than reward me for years and years of service for our mutual betterment.  A pity.

2016. Paying It Forward. A Worthy Cause.

Facebook memories again.  This one from 2016.  A random act of kindness done in my sisters memory and recognized by her co-worker, a beautiful young woman who had recently lost her cousin too young.  Fate for us to meet.

I just realized that I had a couple messages in my "other" folder. One was from one of Janie's co-workers who happens to be on a fundraising committee of a local nonprofit that I just donated a website to. I've never met these people and I know it might sound kind of odd to just build strangers websites and all, but, I have to practice what I do - so I do it for good causes and I chalk it up to "a random act of kindness" in memory of Jane Mullen.

Janie's friend messaged me and said she got chills when she heard what I had done. That made my heart so happy. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know my sister is channeling through me.