2016. It Was Unintentional

Unintentional hurt. If they could promise to resurrect my sister to represent... I'll bring the rest of the committee, provide a guest list and it will really be a Cocktails for a Cause.



2016. Paying It Forward. A Worthy Cause.

Facebook memories again.  This one from 2016.  A random act of kindness done in my sisters memory and recognized by her co-worker, a beautiful young woman who had recently lost her cousin too young.  Fate for us to meet.

I just realized that I had a couple messages in my "other" folder. One was from one of Janie's co-workers who happens to be on a fundraising committee of a local nonprofit that I just donated a website to. I've never met these people and I know it might sound kind of odd to just build strangers websites and all, but, I have to practice what I do - so I do it for good causes and I chalk it up to "a random act of kindness" in memory of Jane Mullen.

Janie's friend messaged me and said she got chills when she heard what I had done. That made my heart so happy. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know my sister is channeling through me.