2017. Work Ethic

Millennial: I just want to be a digital nomad. My family is from all over so I just want to take my laptop and work from anywhere.
Me: Yes, you can do that.
Millennial: But, I heard a podcast that says that says you have to deal with client emails after the project is done. I don't want them to keep contacting me like that.
Me: Why? Would you have a hard time emailing a reply from the beach in Positano? Really?

2017. A Happy Coding Dancing Fool

I’ve been “coding” (html/css) since 2005 and nobody ever asked me – how’d you do that? How’s it work? Can you teach me?
All they want me to do is “just fix it, or make some new bell or whistle happen” – with no interest or value in how it’s done.

Tonight I interacted with 25+ diverse people who are dedicating their free time to learn some of the knowledge I already possess.

I need to employ them before I give all my trade secrets away 🙂

Im2for2OnTheNewHobbyList #WhoSaidGeeksCantDance

2017. Business As Usual

Every time one of my “business ventures” pays off… I pay my bills and relax for the night. Next couple days? I invest a portion into one or more ventures that will produce future income… be it hardware, software, investing in new tech companies that are complimentary to my line of work or my charity efforts.
If I’m on the ground floor with the best buy rates around… then I can offer my customers and clients better buy rates and more convenience than they would hope for. And I provide tech support.. $150 an hour – UNLESS you’re my friend….
PS. It costs about $1.00 to be a customer or client of mine…
And I’m a friend with benefits 🙂 (kind of / sort of)

I’ll put together a graphic to show you one way we might influence the USA with a dollar investment…. stay tuned.

2017. Pay For Your Own Stuff Now

Mid ’30’s… got a challenge. Can you make a spreadsheet with 10 year projections including compounded interest, depreciation of assets, blah, da, blah. Challenge accepted and completed. He was able to dissolve a 50-50 partnership, lose a retained lawyer and stop paying for the bricks and mortar office at that moment. Then the fool that I am worked for him for 20 years without pay. I really just wanted safety, security, appreciation and companionship… didn’t get it.

I just sent my first request for payment…. $45 dollars for a business domain and a business email that I’ve been paying for since 2005…
Not payment for the multiple websites mind you… just $45 to save years and years of proprietary emails that I got whacked extra money for in November because they’re very important.

He’s going to be mad about that request… I promise you.

TheTruthIsStrangerThanFiction Chapter One.

2017. Stella Getting Her Groove Back

When is the last time I posted that I was happy? It was a good karma day… Stella is getting her groove back. And I KNOW for SURE that it is because of the undying, continuous support from my friends. Oh how much I love you all…
PS. they didn’t mention my crooked cut.. maybe they were just being nice? 🙂

2017. Now I Remember!

I read the following post from this day in 2017 and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out who I was meeting with. It took me 10 minutes to finally remember that it was the new management of bonnet shores beach club. The meeting went well and the result was that I had a whole bunch of work to get done before the beach club season began.

2017. A wee bit apprehensive about a business meeting tomorrow. It’s going to be a 3-1 ratio and I’ve never met them and they know absolutely nothing about me. I’ve been playing in their playground and working behind the scenes on their behalf since maybe ’97… but, they don’t really know it. A good friend of mine told me to “wear a suit of armor”… but, that has never been my style and I have a very low threshold for nonsense, stress, or adversity these days.

I hope for a good outcome… and I will say a little prayer tonight that the hospitable bartender in me rises to the occasion and sets the tone with smile and a greeting…

LOL… I wonder if they’ll notice that my hair is crooked… 🙂

2017. Some Memories Don’t Fade…

Mary Mullen December 6, 2017 at 5:57 PMFor my cocktails peeps... Jane asked me a few years back what my favorite event was... and there were so many good ones. I shared my memories from the one she picked (as seen in the post - so many of you are mentioned). And I just happened to meet with library staff the other day and told them about the one at Davio's for the library. We were all there. I'm testing your memory here...

Remember when a trustee of the library had a fainting spell and fell off his chair? I yelled, someone call 911 and what I witness looked like a concert - everyone picked up their cell phones and all dialed at the same time. Once we realized he was ok - we carried on with our fun and probably shocked them all with those most coveted raffle prizes from Miko Exotic Wear!!
Graphic Innovations has always taken the prize for the best invite...



2017. Data Analysis On A Sunday

Two days before this memory of spending a Sunday afternoon doing a data analysis project, I was arrested, put in jail for the night and lost my car at the same time.

Yet, two days later, I still took care of business.  Resilient.

Mary Mullen November 19, 2017 at 5:35 PMFour very busy women who spent from 12:45 - 5:20 pm on a Sunday to collect, clean, test integrity, and formulate questions from data collected in the census.  Dedicated? Or, insane?

2017. He Sabotaged This Client And It Put Me Into A Tailspin.

2 years ago - Mary Mullen October 27, 2017 at 12:40 AM

I'm freezing so I'm looking forward to climbing under that down comforter tonight. And I have no appointments tomorrow so I can sleep until I want to. And I'm praying that I wake up to an email notification that my client paid that very overdue invoice so I won't have to live on Ramen noodles all weekend.

I'm too old and I work too hard to be worrying about such things. The work was requested, the work was completed and they have a 1.5M budget. Petty cash to them.

2017. All Just Tools Of The Trade.

Mary Mullen October 7, 2017 at 4:27 PM

Auditing the notes scribed during my first web development teaching class. It sounds like I was giving a crash course in fund development - which is SUCH a useful tool.
I love that they learned from my bluntness. I mentioned that "people are too lazy... to learn". Followed by "which is why you charge "maintenance fees".
This new team loves to learn.. they're like sponges... and they "get me" so I don't need to sugarcoat a thing