2018. Me And My Philanthropic Interests

If you've ever wondered why I have very strong opinions about philanthropy and why I choose to support grassroots and growing organizations, this may be a good example.
In my early days of fundraising and supporting community efforts, I had the opportunity to meet people who were passionate about making a difference. People from all walks of life. And where there is true passion, good things happen.

For instance, in the mid '90's, I was introduced to my friend Jean. Jean founded House of Hope CDC... and she had an undeniable passion for the small nonprofit organization that she later grew into a very successful community development corporation that expanded in leaps and bounds. I can't imagine how many people found safety, shelter and food because of her work.

Had I not met her and so many people like her, I might not have gotten so involved in philanthropic efforts. But I was mentored and educated by people with that kind of passion. And look at the legacy she can still claim because she poured the foundation and dedicated her career to make it grow.
#ProudOfMyFriends http://www.wpri.com/news/local-news/mobile-unit-will-provide-showers-haircuts-for-homeless/1127335124

2018. Artificial Intelligence Hard At Work

Real intelligence and artificial intelligence is working overtime these days. I notice it in every way, shape and form. We don’t all see the same things when we’re on the internet. We are fed news. It’s frightening and out of control. But, there is also a blatant error in human input.
I searched for a picture of white baby shoes the other day. Ever since, white baby shoes show up on every site I visit. I’m 56 and have no children to buy baby shoes for.
God forbid what I’d be fed if I searched on less innocent topics.

2018. Commission Nightmares

A rant: Commission payments would be much more useful if they were paid on the same day each month. This kind of range can wreck havoc when you have a lot of bills and products on auto-renew. 3/16 and waiting…

2018. Too Rich For My Blood

I’ve always been the one to raise the money vs donate it. My skills are more valuable than any cash I could give. When Herb Kaplan sponsored me to do fundraising events for the organizations he supported, he asked, “so, if I pay you $1,500, you will turn it into a $5,000 donation?”

When I replied “yes” with conviction and no hesitation, he wrote me a check and our partnership was sealed.

2018: I always preferred to bartend, make money and meet the whole club rather than to go out to the club and spend money.

I also always preferred to organize the fundraising event, make some money, meet a ton of people, work the event and raise much more than I could if I just donated.

These kinds of events are way out of my budget. I can raise much more money just by building a website for a nonprofit event than by donating $250 for a ticket.

And I’ve learned through a lot of experience that $250 ticket events alienate most of my friends… I prefer the “friend-raising” aspect of it all.

2018. I Never Know What To Say…

When people ask me what I do for a living. “It’s complicated” isn’t a common resume term…

“For 14 straight years… (I always had my own gigs) but I was also the “computer mind” behind the scenes in an industry that involved mergers and acquisitions, commercial real estate, first position financing, second position financing, Chapter 7, 11 and 13. “Boutique” and “Mezzanine” financing, “hard money” loans, Online SBA loan pre-qualifications and consulting agreements that passed restrictions of the presidents of banks. Iron clad consulting agreements and employment contracts.

There’s a whole part of me that nobody knows.
I have to filter that stuff into my resume…

2018. I Was Just “Increasing Awareness”

A post from 2018: a blog that has not yet been marketed in any way except for regular posts that has gotten 17,400 effortless page views in 7 months.
If it were a nonprofit effort, I’d say we “increased exposure” of your program.
For a “for profit” entity, I’d say “you have huge public interest”.
Just basing my assumption on working in a small, RI market.

A 2020 explanation- I wanted the board of Bonnet Shores Beach Club to pay me for work that I had done for them prior to my ex sabotaging our client relationship. The “cause” for communicating that issue was me and I was successful in my pursuit of justice.