May 29

2019- My Stuff.

Go ahead, keep upsetting me.

I went ahead and reached out (emailed) to Minma Enterprises to see if this lawyer (Mark Liberati) represents him or if this lawyers letter on piss poor stationary is just another coercion from the ex. I mean, when I worked with my ex, I had to email his friend John (the private lender) all the time, so, I'm kind of comfortable with that. The lawyer has a bogus email address... But, I copied him in on the message, too.

I'm interested to see the inventory list of what he/she/they considered to be mine.

This was my Happy Saturday, First Day of June surprise. Do you know how good it is of me to cook, sing and take care of an older lady rather than choose to lay into this sick bunch?

Mark E. Liberati, Attorney at Law
57 Narragansett Avenue
Jamestown, RI

Mary Mullen
Current Address
Via regular and certified mail

Dear Ms. Mullen,

As you know, this office represents Minma Enterprises, L.L.C. You have received several letters from this office over the last several months concerning foreclosure of a mortgage on property owned by you and Jerry Zito and located at 145 Hillcrest Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island.

The mortgage was foreclosed, and Minma has taken your abandoned personal property and placed it in storage. Although you have made no effort over the last several months to claim this personal property, Minma is giving you a final opportunity to claim ownership and possession. You may retrieve these items if you do so my June 30. 2019. The personal property is located at Prime Storage, 54 Narragansett Avenue, Providence RI 02907. The unit number is F19. The access code to the facility is <….>. The telephone number of the facility is 401-461-7777.

If you do not claim ownership and possession of these items by that date, they will be considered to have been abandoned by you and will be disposed of.

The key to the storage until will be sent federal express to you at the above address.

May 24

She doesn't call me "Ma".  Maybe because I have a simple name, but, probably because I conditioned her to call me by name when I was really needed.

We've got some jokes about that around here where girls wanted to change her regular rant from "Help me Ma" to "Help me Mary".  I ended that.  No crying wolf while I'm around.  I know how to speak with 911 when needed.

Regardless, tonight (and last night) I heard her cries and they sounded different than all other shifts that I witness.  Tonight her rant was not "help me ma"... they were "stay away Ma", "stop hurting me Ma", "back down Ma".

I'm livid that I can't step in on these few shifts.  This third world country mid-30 something year old with 6 children is out to get me.  I need to keep to myself when she is around.

Who is suffering?  Hazel and me.

April 27

2019. One Flipping Year Ago!

I sharpened my favorite knife today. What a treat. A ton of root veggies and a whole chicken and it was like slicing and dicing warm butter.

3 Quarts of Veggie Soup, Roasted Chicken with gravy, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, roasted sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, apple crisp and veggie salad all prepped and ready for lunches and dinners. A small batch of chicken soup will be added to that very soon.
Nothing like having the right tools to motivate.

2019. I Am A Major Ball Buster

it’s fun for me.  And I know him like a book.  And he reads my book.

2019: "Happy Birthday Dude. I suppose if you raised enough money at he casino this week you might've been at the Capital Grille, Capriccios, or Los Andes to celebrate. Sorry it didn't work out that way. Seen it before. SO many times.

Enjoy the quiet night in... I'm sure she did Lobster and Veal like I did all those years, right?

2019. One Calculated Word At A Time.

“Quiet” has never been a word anyone would ever use when it comes to describing me. Until lately.

One of the girls around here told me I speak soft toned like (Meet) Joe Black. I think that is because I turn my tone down and choose my words very carefully when I speak with Hazel. Not all English words are created equal and if I choose just the right words with her, I get the desired response. That’s a learned behavior. She also thinks I move from room to room invisible but I attribute that to her being preoccupied.

Sometimes she’ll hear me whisper something under my breath and she’ll ask “what’d you say”.
Me: I don’t know. Yellow Sa or something like that. Spell it for me. And what does it mean?
She: (smiling) yalosabia

Picking up Spanish at a rate of one word per month.

April 6

2019. A Year Later Not So Cute

2019: The neighbor has a new dog. I've been hearing this bizarre training method all week. Reminded me of when my ex and his son were supposedly training a german shepherd. That constant STOP, NO, STAY and when he dog knocks them down they laugh and give him a treat. I've been thinking, Oh Dear Lord, not again.
Today I woke to see the dog. He's all of a pound and I don't think he's going to get any bigger. A cutie pie… I just shook my head.

1020: The world has been stricken with the coronavirus which requires nonessential workers to stay at home and to social distance. That means that my neighbor is home around the clock and because our yards abut, I feel like we’re living together.

it feel like a bad marriage and if I knew his young wife better, I would warn her that his whiny voice will someday naw in her nerves so bad that she could lose her mind.

The cute dog is still cute but doesn’t much pay attention to her Dad’s incessant screeching to “stop” no matter how much louder each demand is shouted. It’s going to be a long Spring.

2019. A Heating Lesson

Growing up Mullen. If you got caught cranking that furnace to 80 degrees, so help you God. I never had to put the “gloves on” with Dad like the boys did and I never remember getting any beatings except from Michael. But, if I even dared to do it once I would have learned to never do it again. And Mom would have taken my bank book and withdrawn the monthly bill to make me remember the lesson. The lesson there was “kick it up a notch”. That is all you need to get a desired temperature.

April 4

2019. First Quarter Closes

2019: “I guess I'm always going to get a twinge (or more) of stress during the first quarter of every year. I mean, we lost Michael in January, John and Mom in February and Janie and Joe in April. Not all in the same year, but, let's face it, all of us remember those special dates in our lives and mine seem to overlap.

But this quarter is coming to an end and I'm starting to fill up with some of the funnier aspects of growing up Family B Mullen style. I've got these "coming of age" memories surfacing. And when I say "coming of age" it is definitely not any kind of sexual awakening because I was way too scared of Mom and Dad to risk being caught and any guys around me were way to scared of my three brothers to risk being caught trying anything.

My "coming of age" stories began around 16 years old, maybe 1978. That was when I was finally allowed to hang with the older kids and their vast array of friends. If the Mullen basement could talk…

2020: And better stories begin to surface...

2019. Scratches Like A Good Mom

One of the more common phrases you will hear around here is “Ma, can you scratch my back?” And her back is scratched more often than anyone I know.
Today she reciprocated. She scratches like a good Mom, doesn’t she? #HazelNuts

Cuando un paciente hace eso con su caregiver eso significa que estas haciendo un un trabajo,ella me ama y yo tambien a ella. Amor verdadero❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Posted by Yemelis Núñez on Thursday, April 4, 2019