2018. Me And My Philanthropic Interests

If you've ever wondered why I have very strong opinions about philanthropy and why I choose to support grassroots and growing organizations, this may be a good example.
In my early days of fundraising and supporting community efforts, I had the opportunity to meet people who were passionate about making a difference. People from all walks of life. And where there is true passion, good things happen.

For instance, in the mid '90's, I was introduced to my friend Jean. Jean founded House of Hope CDC... and she had an undeniable passion for the small nonprofit organization that she later grew into a very successful community development corporation that expanded in leaps and bounds. I can't imagine how many people found safety, shelter and food because of her work.

Had I not met her and so many people like her, I might not have gotten so involved in philanthropic efforts. But I was mentored and educated by people with that kind of passion. And look at the legacy she can still claim because she poured the foundation and dedicated her career to make it grow.
#ProudOfMyFriends http://www.wpri.com/news/local-news/mobile-unit-will-provide-showers-haircuts-for-homeless/1127335124

2017. Work Ethic

Millennial: I just want to be a digital nomad. My family is from all over so I just want to take my laptop and work from anywhere.
Me: Yes, you can do that.
Millennial: But, I heard a podcast that says that says you have to deal with client emails after the project is done. I don't want them to keep contacting me like that.
Me: Why? Would you have a hard time emailing a reply from the beach in Positano? Really?

2016. It Was Unintentional

Unintentional hurt. If they could promise to resurrect my sister to represent... I'll bring the rest of the committee, provide a guest list and it will really be a Cocktails for a Cause.



2017. A Happy Coding Dancing Fool

I’ve been “coding” (html/css) since 2005 and nobody ever asked me – how’d you do that? How’s it work? Can you teach me?
All they want me to do is “just fix it, or make some new bell or whistle happen” – with no interest or value in how it’s done.

Tonight I interacted with 25+ diverse people who are dedicating their free time to learn some of the knowledge I already possess.

I need to employ them before I give all my trade secrets away 🙂

Im2for2OnTheNewHobbyList #WhoSaidGeeksCantDance

2002. And They Still Remember Us

2014: 12 years later we still receive surprise emails from the European university students we hired during summers at the hotel. They call us Mr. Jerry and Miss Mary and they remember their American experience as fondly as we do. Most of our family members worked with us and the summer hires were more like extended family than staff. Kids from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Lithuania, etc. Nice feeling to know we made a positive impact on those kids and they still remember us and seek us out.

March 27

2012: Love What You Do – have had enough html, css, javascript, php, mysql, excel conversion, SOCIAL MEDIA, etc. to suffice a lifetime. But, alas, I will be back at it tomorrow. For now.. logging out and grabbing a bite.

2017: I’ve been trying to sign up for a “coders club” workshop. The input fields on the registration form don’t work. I thought I might learn something.

2017: I don’t think I’m this relentless… yet. But, I can tell you that if you do get “fido’s” domain and I work on it… I can provide you stats on how well you’re marketing your “star”…
Organic SEO is our friend… FB marketing is counterproductive at times. www.OddsNEndsMarketing.com

2018. Artificial Intelligence Hard At Work

Real intelligence and artificial intelligence is working overtime these days. I notice it in every way, shape and form. We don’t all see the same things when we’re on the internet. We are fed news. It’s frightening and out of control. But, there is also a blatant error in human input.
I searched for a picture of white baby shoes the other day. Ever since, white baby shoes show up on every site I visit. I’m 56 and have no children to buy baby shoes for.
God forbid what I’d be fed if I searched on less innocent topics.

2018. Commission Nightmares

A rant: Commission payments would be much more useful if they were paid on the same day each month. This kind of range can wreck havoc when you have a lot of bills and products on auto-renew. 3/16 and waiting…

2017. Business As Usual

Every time one of my “business ventures” pays off… I pay my bills and relax for the night. Next couple days? I invest a portion into one or more ventures that will produce future income… be it hardware, software, investing in new tech companies that are complimentary to my line of work or my charity efforts.
If I’m on the ground floor with the best buy rates around… then I can offer my customers and clients better buy rates and more convenience than they would hope for. And I provide tech support.. $150 an hour – UNLESS you’re my friend….
PS. It costs about $1.00 to be a customer or client of mine…
And I’m a friend with benefits 🙂 (kind of / sort of)

I’ll put together a graphic to show you one way we might influence the USA with a dollar investment…. stay tuned.