2019. Resume Building Activities

A friend exchange:
He: I can see the resume now. Mary Mullen, House Mother.
A skilled facilitator in house management. Able to counter interpersonal conflicts amongst the stable of working women. Ability to manage appropriate schedules as well as delivering proper dietary and nutritional needs to varied mix of culinary choices from a varied ethnic mix, and stretch a food budget as needed to offer ideal choices for the women of the house.

Me: LOL… the least of me!

He: No. That’s not actually true. It’s a specific skill set. While the subject may seem offensive, it’s actually an accomplishment.

My friends are very cute, aren’t they… <3

2019. Odds ‘N Ends circa ’94.

November 8, 2019  - Odds 'N Ends
She: OMG, the salad. It's like Hazel is here!
Me: Yeah, I do TRY to keep it healthy...

I've been organizing and purging... cabinet by cabinet, drawer by drawer. The Queen and I were about the same size so there's a little bit of a shopping experience mixed in. She was a class act. Her PJ's are better than what you would find me in at the corner store. Shame on me!!

In the beginning...

I was a great waitress and an even better bartender.  My first job at 10 years old was a server in a penny candy store.  My first 'on the books' job at 16 years old was waitressing and making ice cream sundaes at Newport Creamery.  After my basic training and a little experience, I was hired by any restaurant that I applied to.  Some of my culinary skills were gained by working at many of the fine establishments that Rhode Island is known for.

I loved the industry. I was social, happy and I loved making customers happy.  I was fast and I always had high sales.  I was honest and knew better than to risk losing a money making job by stealing from the house.  I was usually given my pick of shifts for all the reasons listed above, I worked hard and I played hard, too.

Summers spent in Newport beach houses basking in the sunshine by day and decking out for nights on the town or black tie galas in Newports finest mansions.

2001. Fundraising 101

I found these fundraising 101 documents that she saved since '01. She also had "intro to computers" and "intro to word processing" tutorials. A few times this past year she mentioned that she'd like to learn computer.
Back in 2001, I was providing fundraising counsel to three statewide organizations, I had dozens of successful fundraising events under my belt, I was being pinned as a partner in philanthropy and I was good enough with computers to create my own database full of thousands of RI donors.