June 30

2011:  don't see me ever saying "I hate my job". But, "I hate my job TODAY!" Glue stick? 100 small metal objects? Point and shoot digital? Photoshop? I'm done - Enough for today - going to have a cocktail, meatloaf, mashed, veg & movie.

"Jack of all trades, master of none" is the term that comes to mind when I think about the vast amount of projects that I have worked on in my lifetime to pay the bills.

This project paid quite a few bills and although I do like a challenge, the challenges of this project were many and not many of them were fun for me.

I was impressed that this local client was already doing so well with e-commerce.  I was even more impressed that he produced a piece product that was being bought in bulk in China.  Dog tags.  I would have guessed that China would have a corner on the market for such a product, but, I would have guessed wrong.

The reason I was retained was to be the technical liaison when speaking with the India company that was tweaking and publishing the company website.  It's not an easy feat to talk tech with techies from India.  A communication and cultural exchange that could cause high blood pressure in the most mild mannered soul.  But, I was getting paid well, so I endured.

Shortly after proving my worth to this company, I was asked to handle other odd tasks and I did because my pay rate justified working as many hours as I could.

It was a challenge and a mistake for me to offer to take digital images of metal dog tags.  I didn't have the right equipment or the right experience at staging those kind of photographs.  I labored over this task and I'm thankful that I could do it from home because my temper flared on more than one occasion and it probably wasn't pretty.

One day I just up and decided that spending long days on a project that causes me misery is just not worth the money.  I cleared my house of dog tags, handed over hundreds of digital images and thanked the nice client for the experience.

2012:  Bonnet Shores Beach Club History: here’s something sad – I just scanned 100+ beach photos from the ’20’s. With the technology we have today, I can zoom in and see that what looks like ‘ants’ in the photo is really a family of 5 – all smiling/laughing with white teeth, slim, fit and having fun. The sad part is that most of the ppl in the photos aren’t around to see them anymore

June 9

2016:  Such a long and very productive day. And look what I got... pretty toes for the first time since Janie made me get them done last. Yes... that long. I hate pedicures. I'm ticklish to a fault. Jane used to shame me into going and she'd always come with. She was probably with me every step of the day today. I'm now ready for flip flop season

2019: This was a facebook memory from a few years back.  I remember it well because I fit this mani/pedi in between meetings.  After I got this done, my next meeting was at Ruby Tuesday's where I scheduled an introduction between my ex (in life and business dealings) and one of my clients.  I made the connection because I knew that both could help each other in an up and coming industry.

I was right.  I provided the connection my other half needed - a cash cow so to speak.  I'm disgusted that he doesn't remember that and has chosen to devastate me financially rather than reward me for years and years of service for our mutual betterment.  A pity.