January 13

2012: The Gift That Kept On Giving – Separation of church and state was the issue at this Cranston Rhode Island high school says the ACLU.

This post is from a local celebrity news personality John DePetro: – “Stand up to the ACLU. Join me this Tuesday night Jan 17, at 5:30 at Western Hills in Cranston for a Rally to Save the Cranston West Prayer. School committee is meeting there. Leave a comment if you will support us.”

The Cranston West Alumni Association formation and the prayer banner redoing was a gift from Cranston West’s first graduating class of 1963, of which my ex was a member. The Alumni Association website was a gift from me. I bought it, I built it and I gifted it.

More unpaid time and skills dedicated to the betterment of my ex. I should have learned.

The very first donation that website processed was $5,000. At least I got pride from my labor.