June 12

2011: I came home tonight - opened the front windows in time to see a car flying down the road - but, it stopped and backed up.  I thought, “WTH are they doing?”.  Then the car door flung open and I heard them shout, "goggle, goggle”.  Needless to say – ‘Leroy – most famous turkey in the hood’ is attracting quite a bit a of attention!

2015: PTSD.  It's not only for soldiers

2017: 1:26am and I am making plans to play hooky on school to learn a new dance style on a Wednesday night.  Mary's World

2017: Hump day fun?  If any of my girls are game - 6:30 pm in Cranston... I'll send details...

2017: I Swear to Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God. #LOVETHIS

2017: I love that I can say that the "next" big challenge on my plate is going to be a cakewalk compared to what I've dealt with in the past.  Everything happens for a reason I guess.  I do wonder what the future has in store for me, though.  I like to have SOME control over my destiny... but, that's not the way it goes.

2018: Uber Drive:

  • Me: what's your name?
  • He: (with a drawl) I'm Steve.
  • Me: Hi Steve. I'm Mary.  Glad you speak English (difficult trips sometimes)
  • He: (starting to sound off) "oh, I don't go for that. If you're in this country....
  • Me: well, I'm okay with it. It's not an easy language to learn.
  • He: Well I'm a red neck from PA.
  • Me: and I'm guessing with the tattoos, the long hair, beard and hat that you might also be Trump fan.
  • He: hell yes...
  • Me: well, we can talk family rather than politics. Sometimes people start turning into haters when they talk politics and I've lost too many young people to deal with haters over any one subject.
  • He: OK... I'm one of seven. Three brothers and the rest sisters.
  • Me: So was I!!...

The dude gave me instant respect for the rest of the ride.  He even waited until I got in two set of doors before he drove off.  If there is one thing FB has been teaching me... Diffuse the BS for the greater good.

2019: I've been organizing.  My books are growing as I am.  What I am pleased to see it that "my family" chapters and my "rebuilding" chapters are the ones that are growing fastest.  The career stuff is what it is.  The bad relationship crap will wear itself out when I am done writing.  And I rely on my family and friends chapter to continue with my rebuild.  Not going to bed angry or hurt tonight.

2019: Little did I know that one year later I would be immersed in a different language. It doesn't matter how difficult.  Mutual respect wins the war.

2019: She: MARY!!  What are you doing?  Thinking about what to type next?

Me: LOL... that is exactly what I was doing.
She:  Boy!  You were OUT THERE.

She watches me "think" a lot.  I wish I could transfer some of the wisdom and experience I've gained through the years to her with a USB cord.  If I could guess, I bet Hazel would wish to do the same with me.

For now, we can just all learn from each other day by day.  A good experience for all, I think.

2019: My life is what it is

2019. The Second And Third Sign Came.

The signs I get are undeniable.  They hit me over the head as strong as that truck hit me when crossing Smith Street when I was 19 years old.

2019. The Second And Third Sign Came. The signs I get are undeniable.  They hit me over the head as strong as that truck hit me when crossing Smith Street when I was 19 years old.

Janie's spirit introduced me to David and his parents Peter and Cheryl.  When I went to their fundraiser a while back, they introduced me to Susan.  She had recently lost her beautiful girl, Meghan.

She didn't have to ask for help with her effort from me - we were meant to meet.  Nor does she have to keep on thanking me.

When I got a message on a bad day (second sign on that bad day) that she wanted me to document the good work she is doing in her daughters name... it made me cry to be a small part of a huge undertaking.

We're all in this together and I thank everyone of you for letting me be a small part of your villages.

Third good sign.  $100 online donation.  That is my work.  Not ego to see other people reap from my skills.

2019. My Friends Are A Trip

The great things about Mullen friends are some have been around for a decade or two, and others have been around since we were kids. So many from every group can make me laugh when I'm not feeling it. We're all sweet... but, not all of the time. We've always had the most fun between ourselves.

I sent this picture to the 8th Mullen the other day and said, "is it my imagination, or do we have a story"
"we have a story" is all she had to say to leave me in stitches for a day or two.