June 2

2010: I paid a smile forward today

2013: I remember 2002 being a very busy year, I remember buying this very expensive computerized sewing machine, and I even remember plugging it in and making it embroider and do button holes all by itself. But, something happened between now and then and I have NO IDEA how this thing works!

2017: I had this brother Michael. Marine Recon, a Grandmaster in the Karate Hall of Fame, Psychotherapist. He molded thousands.  If his little sister was troubled, he'd ask, "what's the worst that could happen?"  If I said, "it already has"... He'd probably say - "then you have nothing to lose... represent"

2018: Produce + Protein + Spicy Sauce = Freezer Food. (Freezer Food) + Peanuts + Rice = Dinner

2018: Ground sirloin with crimini mushroom, onion and garlic gravy. Freezer food. Put that on some rice or mashed and be in comfort food heaven.

2018: As you watch me cook, freezer stock and try to make an honest living... think about this. I spent about $130 in the market this week. I was gifted with rides to the market and a seafood care package. However, I paid cash for the food I am preparing and I am a small business owner,

Meanwhile, my 73 year old other half of 20 years (Republican), is probably still getting $194 per month in snap, has my house in hostage, picked up a woman closer to his age with teacher retirement benefits, spends his time on road trips in hotels, fine dining restaurants, and his summers in my garden and at bonnet shores beach club.

I will explain this situation better and better the longer he keeps trying to strong hold me.

#PublicPost but, #IDidntTagThousands

2019: "wracked my brains" today is another idiom. It means that all day long I was trying to find out what is wrong with the Queen of the house. Not eating or drinking for days. Not sleeping. Crying real tears, even. That breaks my heart.

She even looked at me and pouted. I recognized that look, called her on it and got her to crack a smile for a moment or two. I'm thinking UTI and I called it in through another... it's not my job.

Thank you, my friends for helping me figure out this crap. Thank you God for putting me where you want me to be. You know full well I didn't choose this route. Feel better tomorrow... I cooked good food today.  #PrayForUs

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