June 22

2019. The Real Grit Will Be Fun To Write.

Today I went from crying sad to laughing happy in an instant. That's the way it works for some who who take the time to delve into their past and deal with the emotions.

I'm laughing because a lot of childhood friends are coming out of the woodwork with good memories while I am introducing my family to the world. We were all very well liked by so many but at the same time, hated or feared by some.

Although we all grew up with good character and morals, we all had a dark streak that would rear its ugly head at times. It usually made an appearance when we had to defend one another, or any of our friends. We were all raised fierce and we were all called on often to lend our fierceness to a friend in need. It was a "Mullen Code". In part, it's why we were loved by many and hated by some.

I know that the people who we "allowed" into our inner circle crazy life are just waiting for me to share the real grit stories of growing up Mullen. If you were allowed into our inner circle, I know you have stories of your own. And I know they are not G-Rated. And I know those are some of the funniest, or more harrowing memories that we all share. We were not all peaches and cream and everyone who knows us, knows it.


I still have to give a proper introduction to the members of Family B before I can indulge in writing our stories. They are owed so much more than a dedication from me!

But, here is something I now know in my heart. My stories of my family bring my friends back to an enchanted time. And on behalf of each and every one of "mine", I can speak for them when I say to those friends we adopted, our life was more complete because you were in it.

Stories from the streets of Smith Hill, Mount Pleasant and Elmhurst. Stories from Kennedy school, St Pius, St Augustines, George J. West, Green, Mt. Pleasant High, Classical High, LaSalle Academy, OLP, St. Patricks High, and Bay View Academy, if not more.

Stories from Nelson Street playground to the steps of Kennedy to the stairs at LaSalle and the parking lot at RIC. Triggs. Giesters, Cappy's, the Frat House and Bradley's. Tommy's, Mainellis, The Welcome, the Chalkstone House. The Castle. Pleasant Valley Parkway. Buttonwoods!

Those are just a few memories from the primary years. And they are shared by thousands of us. And they are worth rehashing

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