June 24

2014: If I were to post this on craigslist:

Newly refurbished vintage beach chair. Approx weight 50lbs. Newly bleached canvas, all metal parts meticulously hand sanded to factory standards and freshly painted. Asking price: 100K cash, round trip air fare for 12 to Europe and a 2014 BMW convertible. Auto color options negotiable. Only serious inquiries need reply. No solicitations.

And I'm not sure if he'd part with it....

2016: God grant me the resiliency needed to deal with life kicking my ass time and time again. Amen.

2017: Me and my stories... I promise I'll get a blog up and running so I don't clog up facebook anymore.. but, this little story really rocked me in a good way today.

If you haven't figured it out yet - I've experienced a lot of lonely, empty time in my schedule in the last couple of years... and I have been earnestly trying to find good things to fill in the space. Work helps, taking classes helps and dancing has made me laugh more than I have in years.

And I am so often humbled by the caliber of people that the universe is sending my way. Today was one of those days.

  1. My first dance class about 4 months ago (and my FIRST form of real movement in probably 7 years) - I walked from class laughing and telling my friend - I need to find a way to hire that teacher and her friends for some charity events.
  2. a few classes in - I told the teacher that she should raise her prices because many of my friends and I are used to paying "gym", "personal trainer" type fees... she told me that she "did it for the community, not for money". Anyone who knows me well will know that she won my heart at that very moment.
  3. couple more classes and I hear about raising money for a working Mom to continue her education and get a better job. That alone gave me good reason to pay more whenever I could afford... and help with her ongoing efforts. TY to my friends who participated with that.
  4. #4 is what humbles me... at class today? My two friends (who don't know this story... and who made their decision on their own internal prompting with NO input from me) - paid almost double the suggested fee for the class.
  5. I am SO grateful for the obvious blessings that are being bestowed on me... ONLY kindred souls could fill the abyss left by those that guide me from the other side... Very big shoes to fill. But it's happening... and I am the beneficiary of it all. I'm a lucky girl....

2018: PS. My ex offered me $3,500 for this property. Then raised the offer to $5,000 (with threats of personal destruction). That is from my older, other half of 20 years... a republican dude.

He's living a beach club life at the moment. Leveraging our co-mingled assets to live a carefree life while persecuting me.

How do you feel about that?

2019: What a thoughtful girl. She cleaned up the whole deck for us (by 7 am, no less). She works a night shift. Definitely not her job. She did it just because she knew we'd enjoy it. I like people like that.

2019: Hard to learn to work on a Mac when I am a windows girl. Need to set up that keyboard to make me and my stored files safe. UGH.

2019: Is this relic still making its way to Bonnet Shores Beach Club these days? As old as the winter is long...

2019: David was the 6th Mullen. This picture was a year before I came around. From my perspective, I was number 6 of 7. I think when I was born I was just a replacement

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