June 26

2017. I Was Healing While Being Beat Down.

The following is a memory from June 26, 2017.  My ultimate goal of healing from so many losses was being achieved,  Meanwhile, I was being strategically attacked by the man I left.  Pretty pitiful and sad for a grown man to stoop to such low levels.

"Went to my sibling group tonight after many months of being away I wish I could say the room was empty... but, it wasn't. A lot of new people... and I'm proud of them all for stepping out of their comfort zones (which is usually a dark place) and finding a safe place to unload what they can't share in public.  I can relate to every single one of them...
And I came back stronger than any of my hospice friends have ever seen. Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Rhode Island has kept me under their wings until I could start seeing the light.
I'm eternally grateful and willing to serve... even if I help just one person. (And helping people go from tears to laughter is a wonderful way to make a  difference).  #ImASurvivor #Happy #Grateful #Blessed

2018. Goodbye Janie’s Condo. June 26. I'm not at Janie's condo anymore. I'm safe and it's time to start a new chapter. The friend that came to me at a moments notice is forever a "Mullen Family B"... forever give that respect. Couldn't have done it alone... Rough day...

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