June 28

2013: Jane to Mary: This is gonna be your year!!!  Woohooo!

2014: LOVE that Janie Mullen gave me that kick butt bose speaker / ipod combo. Liked all the music too  - 6 months ago  Now I realize I got her "Holiday" ipod and 75 percent of songs are holiday music 🙂  Not what I want as July quickly approaches... better get my stuff charged.

2016:  Back in the day, there was no anxiety when upgrading phones.  You went from rotary dial to princess with push buttons.  I liked that.

2019: Michael Mullen would want to kick my ass if I ever introduced him into my book with tears.  I'm one of the only few asses he would not kick for going against his way, but, that's because I was his "little".  And when I back up and listen to him, I back down until I know what's right to share, in the right way and at the right time.

I will introduce my brother beyond RI borders with great admiration, love, laugher and pleasure when I can tame my mind and find the words.  I've been laboring.  How the heck will I introduce Janie and all of our Family B shenanigans. Dear Lord.

Say prayers for me that God allows me the time to tell our stories.  It's more important to me than anything else I've ever tried to do.

2019: It was a nice day today and tonight I write about it.  Goes into the "rebuilding" chapter.  I think I'm doing OK with it all.

There was a surprise birthday celebration and Hazel and I were a part because we live here.  Most of the communication was in Spanish, but, we were both OK with that because we are fond of the company.

The young one was so high on sugar that she made a stinking mess of the kitchen.  Not my child, but, I scolded her and taught a lesson, "we all live together and if you make a mess, one of us has to clean it.  Be respectful and don't do it again".

I noticed quickly that she was avoiding me and sweeping the driveway!

Later on, she asked me if she could draw.  Told me she is "genius" at drawing.  I told her the steps she has to take to get a scholarship to RISD.

The only thing she asked me when she began to draw and write was how to spell my name.

This is what she was drawing and writing.  A cupid arrow straight to my heart.  And the convo between Hazel, her and I will follow because it's even sweeter.

I think I'm doing OK with this rebuild crap.

#AndYouTreatMeLikeImYourKid  #Tears <3


2019: And here is the humanity we should all seek in life.

  • Hazel: I only have one son?
  • Me: No, Hazel.  You have two.
  • Hazel: You know he got disabled, don't you?  He was so young.  Not fair.  (motor vehicle accident, early 20's, quadriplegic, passed now)
  • Me: Not fair Hazel.  Let me sit with you.  Not fair.  (as she lays her head on my shoulder)

The child witnesses this.  She starts talking to me (us)

  • She: You told me your whole family is dead.
  • Me: Yes, I'm sorry I had to tell you that.
  • She: It makes me sad and want to cry.
  • Me: Makes me sad and want to cry, too.  . I have tears in my eyes thinking about it.
  • She: You told me that you need another family.  I can be that!
  • Me: Honey, you already are!  For both Hazel and me!!

Don't cry for me or mine... make sure you take good care of these people who fill our hearts while our own people are absent.

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