June 4

2013: Interesting day spent going back and forth between coding html/css to making custom curtains for bow and picture windows with some laundry in between.  Gives a whole new perspective to bringing home the bacon and frying it in a pan.

2015:  posted by sister Deb.

This year has been overwhelmed with loss for our family.   One of those losses was our sister Jane who spent the last year of her life in an infusion center being treated for cervical cancer.


Amidst all the sadness there were so many JOYFUL things that happened.

One of my FAVORITES was my sister Mary Mullen's campaign to send Jane's chemo nurse one card a day on behalf of the #FriendOfJane

She called it #CardsForSandra and folks donated money for cards and gifts to be sent to Jane's FAVORITE nurse.

It didn't stop there…Before Mary was done, ALL the nurses had received cards and little gifts and my 2 sisters single-handedly shifted the consciousness of the chemo center.

Very #Proud of Mary and how she took care of Jane this past year.

You can see how much #LOVE was sent with these cards at #CardsForACause.



2016: That stub the other day could've broken my toe easily.  The trip threat that I had today could've broken a whole bunch of other things.  When did wearing #FlipFlops become risky behavior? #gracepersonified

2017: Read this tonight.  It was titled "Never Lie to a Smart Women"
It made me laugh about a certain blue silk robe....

Man on phone: “Honey I’ve been asked to go fishing in China with my boss for a week. This is a good opportunity for me to get the promotion. So could you please pack enough clothes for a week, set out my rod & fishing box. We’re leaving from office & I’ll swing by the house to pick my things. Oh, Please pack my new blue silk pyjamas!”

The wife thinks this sounds a bit fishy, but being a good wife she did exactly as her husband said.

The following weekend he came home a little tired but looking good…

The wife welcomed him & asked if he caught many fish?

He said “Yes, Lots of Salmon, Blue gill & a few Swordfish. But why didn’t u pack my blue silk pyjamas?”

You’ll love the answer..!!

She says, “I did…..They’re in your fishing box”

Game over !!

2018: Having prepped food on hand is the key.  You can get creative.  Little tapas meals.  Spicy szechuan shrimp and peanut... shrimp, leek, crimini mushroom and mexican cheese blend personal size pizza. Reaping the benefit of my weekend labor.

2018: Sometimes friends call me with difficult questions.  End of life kind of questions. Painful questions to ask, to think about and to remember.  But, I'm OK with that because I can provide real answers and information about the resources that are available to us. I'm still digesting one of those phone calls from late last night.

Without knowing I could, I realized that I can provide answers on how end of life care has improved in leaps and bounds from 1991, from 2003, to now.

Fear of death and dying is natural.  And if I am meant to share some wisdom on the subject to ease the concerns of others, then that is something I can not keep to myself.

I won't tag Hospice in such a personal post, but, with the their help, my sister died with dignity and never had pain.  That was something I promised her.  She never saw the medical apparatus that I tucked out of her view.  I would have carried her on my shoulders so she could sleep in her bed each night.  She was never in pain or felt like she was drowning (a common fear of people) because I learned the signs of when to administer more meds to make sure she didn't suffer.  Hospice made all that possible to me. None of it was pretty.  But neither was the Cancer.

It was by far one of the most difficult tasks I've ever been faced with, but, hospice made it possible.  As I said, end of life care has progressed greatly since my first experience in '91 and '03.  I don't have a big sister Mary to do that end of life care for me.  But, I would trust my life in the hands of hospice any day of the week.

Never be shy about asking me difficult questions and I will not be shy in sharing frank answers.  My experiences might just make you feel a little more comfortable during a difficult situation. But, you can expect me to cry when reliving it all.  It's deep.

2018: WTH! Good conversation with a friend one minute and the next minute I stub and lose my baby toenail.
Hard not to swear about that kind of stuff. Bacitracin and small bandages on hand.. hope it helps.
Forget pedicures this summer..

2015: HOLY SHIT I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THIS!!  I baked for the first time in years... a great banana, cranberry, walnut bread.  Smelled so good I HAD to take a bite of it while it was hot.  I thought that one and a half cup of SALT was sugar.  My mouth will never be the same.  #ISwallowedRockyPointPool

2018: Dare I share more?  10:32 pm... "my" Bolognese is complete (sausage, beef, fresh herbs and veggies) and sausage, peppers, onions and garlic in the oven.  #FreezerFood #ItsAllInThePrep #GladItsNotShrimp

2018: Recipe called this Shrimp and Leek Skillet.  The "saucy" part will be #FreezerFood.  Some of the Shrimp and Leeks will be on top of a pizza soon with other complimentary ingredients.  Slicing, dicing, prep food for both recipes shown.  @ItsAllInThePrep @ShrimpChallengeCompleted #YAY!

2018: This is freezer prep.  Someday it will be Angel Hair Pasta with Garlic Shrimp and Broccoli. And by the time I take it out, I may add other stuff.  I made extra sauce so it would freeze well, but, I lightened sauce up by using milk and shrimp stock rather than cream. #ShrimpChallengeComplete #FreezerFood

2018: My Mom always knew my capabilities.  She challenged me.  One day a phone call - I want to have a graduation party for Michael in three days.  I want it all done in the yard and on the grill.  I want assorted kabobs and sides for 40 people - on a tight budget.

Come on... it was my Mom asking and it was for my Brother. I don't remember this back pain when I did it way back when.  #ShrimpChallengeCompleted #FreezerFood #MomWouldLOVEThisFood

2018: My slice of green space in Providence.  In case you ever wondered.

2019: Three horrendous animal abuse photos, two even more horrendous instances of murdered children, an antiquated Bishop and a somewhat embarrassing visit to the UK... no wonder I like to tune out of FB and lose myself in writing, music and cooking.

Menu du jour: Chicken, lentil, vegetable soup and a calzone with shredded chicken, ham, provolone and ranch dressing. It's always a treat when I have dough on hand.

2019: Go ahead, keep upsetting me.

I went ahead and reached out (emailed) Minma Enterprises to see if this lawyer (Mark Liberati) represents him or if this lawyers letter on piss poor stationary is just another coercion from the ex.  I mean, when I worked with my ex, I had to email his friend John (the private lender) all the time, so, I'm kind of comfortable with that.  The lawyer has a bogus email address... But, I copied him in on the message, too.

I'm interested to see the inventory list of what he/she/they considered to be mine.

This was my Happy Saturday, First Day of June surprise.  Do you know how good it is of me to cook, sing and take care of an older lady rather than choose to lay into this sick bunch?

Dear Ms. Mullen,

As you know, this office represents Minma Enterprises, L.L.C.  You have received several letters from this office over the last several months concerning foreclosure of a mortgage on property owned by you and Jerry Zito and located at 145 Hillcrest Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island.

The mortgage was foreclosed, and Minma has taken your abandoned personal property and placed it in storage.  Although you have made no effort over the last several months to claim this personal property, Minma is giving you a final opportunity to claim ownership and possession.  You may retrieve these items if you do so my June 30. 2019.  The personal property is located at Prime Storage, 54 Narragansett Avenue, Providence RI 02907.  The unit number is F19.  The access code to the facility is <….>.  The telephone number of the facility is 401-461-7777.

If you do not claim ownership and possession of these items by that date, they will be considered to have been abandoned by you and will be disposed of.

The key to the storage until will be sent federal express to you at the above address.

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