October 7

2010 Calmar Pain Relief. My First Visit To Superior Court.

This was a big and labor intensive project for me and it ended up a disaster because the investors wanted to push my ex out of his shares.  They did.  They also tried to screw me out of $1,900 invoice and rather than pay me, they took me to Superior Court and initiated a Domain Name Dispute action.

I remember being served papers to go to court on the Friday before Columbus Day.  I had no time to prepare, no way to get a lawyer and I had intercepted some emails that  said that the company had retained "a pit bull corporate lawyer" who was going to crush me.

That didn't happen.  What happened is I studied all the gray areas of internet law and I had an answer for every question posed by a Judge, a few partners, a web development team, the corporate attorney during days of depositions and a court appointed mediator.