2010. I Had A Job To Do And I Did It Well.

All my facebook memories from 9 years ago remind me that I was working in the political realm behind the scenes on the Gina Raimondo for RI General Treasurer campaign.  I remember project well because political campaigning can be all consuming at times.   Website and social media... the behind the scenes stuff that I am good at.  I enjoyed it.

These days, in such a toxic political climate, I choose not to rehash that memory on facebook because there are too many haters out there in the world who instead of saying "I'm not keen on the candidate but kudos to you for doing a good job," they will start spewing hate.  And I don't feel like reading hate.

October 7

2010 Calmar Pain Relief. My First Visit To Superior Court.

This was a big and labor intensive project for me and it ended up a disaster because the investors wanted to push my ex out of his shares.  They did.  They also tried to screw me out of $1,900 invoice and rather than pay me, they took me to Superior Court and initiated a Domain Name Dispute action.

I remember being served papers to go to court on the Friday before Columbus Day.  I had no time to prepare, no way to get a lawyer and I had intercepted some emails that  said that the company had retained "a pit bull corporate lawyer" who was going to crush me.

That didn't happen.  What happened is I studied all the gray areas of internet law and I had an answer for every question posed by a Judge, a few partners, a web development team, the corporate attorney during days of depositions and a court appointed mediator.