February 7

2011: Will You Be My Valen-Swine – think it might’ve been 2011 when I gave the famous “eat it ‘n best it” pig his wings to promote LJ’s BBQ Valentines dinner specials. He sported a Santa hat near the holidays when we were promoting gift certificates as the “pork-fect” gift.

I was marketing with a shoestring budget and enjoying every second of it. However my involvement at LJ’s BBQ didn’t begin by dressing up their pig in photoshop. It began when my sister called in a Friday night and asked if I would be willing to come to the restaurant as a server because someone had just walked out.

I didn’t hesitate to say yes. It was a Friday so I was sure to make money. Black pants, black top, black sneakers and out the door I flew. That decision didn’t go over too well with my other half as he always wanted me all to himself. All my skills, all my time and all my attention. I had never realized that until I started working with friends at LJ’s.

And what started as a waitress job turned into a longtime website and marketing client relationship. We evolved and I had a lot of fun with it.