March 10

2012: Quiet Year.I noticed yesterday when I was organizing my blog that I didn’t have too many posts from 2012. I remember why… I had to keep my living situation secret. So I only shared what wouldn’t get us in trouble.

2012: There’s nothing like some brand spanking new software to stop the procrastination streak I’ve been on all week… and my new toy came in the mail today – it’s charging up while I work. Feels like “Mary Christmas”!

2007. Working For Security

I think the year was 2007 that I was doing a copious amount of work for a newly founded company that needed to tell the world (mostly the medical community) about a new, non-narcotic treatment for neurological pain management. Company was named Calmar Pain Relief. My other half had an interest in the company at the time so I dedicated a whole lot of time and all my skills to get it up and running.

One of the tasks I had to do was to scour databases to pick a group of specialty Doctors and organize soup to nuts presentation dinners with audio visual, hand outs, everything that goes into a successful event. It was just me and my “Art Guy” friend who did it all so well (Boy did I appreciate him!!). I was also up late, late nights writing what I understood to be the medical directors life story. Since he still had his practice during the day, my late nights and early morning hours were dedicated to him. I have that kind of dedication and work ethic.

So anyway, I’m at one of those presentation dinners and the night was wrapping up. I was sitting next to a very successful, smart lawyer that I’ve always respected. I did one of those hand gestures around the room and asked him, “look at all I do for him. Since I wouldn’t justify the expense of getting married, how can I be assured that I will reap some benefit and security for what I do for him?” This particular fellow knew of the many projects I helped with. I was his right hand plus more.

Our mutual friend said, “Buy real estate together”.

In 2008, we bought and began renovating what was to be our dream home. I told him that I would continue to work with him in every way possible if instead of traveling, fine dining and gambling, he would provide us safety and security for our future.

I never would have thought that my “dream house” would end up being one of my worst nightmares. These were my “house updates” in 2009. Wait till you see the 2019 update…

January 13

2012: The Gift That Kept On Giving – Separation of church and state was the issue at this Cranston Rhode Island high school says the ACLU.

This post is from a local celebrity news personality John DePetro: – “Stand up to the ACLU. Join me this Tuesday night Jan 17, at 5:30 at Western Hills in Cranston for a Rally to Save the Cranston West Prayer. School committee is meeting there. Leave a comment if you will support us.”

The Cranston West Alumni Association formation and the prayer banner redoing was a gift from Cranston West’s first graduating class of 1963, of which my ex was a member. The Alumni Association website was a gift from me. I bought it, I built it and I gifted it.

More unpaid time and skills dedicated to the betterment of my ex. I should have learned.

The very first donation that website processed was $5,000. At least I got pride from my labor.

December 1

I spent a great deal of time designing custom built websites that helped to automate the prequalification process for SBA loans. I remember one bank President wanted to meet with me to discuss doing the same for more than one broker, but, Janie was sick at the time - the timing wasn't right for me.
After Janie died, the broker I worked with offered me a whole $300 per client who prequalified using my sites. I asked for a point of the deal and he refused. I told the broker that I wanted to speak with the bank president that asked to meet with me before. He refused that introduction and I was nicer than to go over his head. He told me I would be his competition.
I should not have to keep my resume, portfolio, accomplishments and/or mutual contacts secret just because I might be somebodies competition.